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General conditions for on line therapy

Agreement for on line therapy

APTA offers the same psychotherapy models as in face to face therapy. We respect the same principles and ethical and professional rules. Our psychotherapists are qualified and certified professionals with a practice license delivered by the Head of Cantonal Medicine and by the Swiss Federation and Association of Psychologists.

The setting

Sessions usually last between 50-60 minutes. Sessions' frecuency is established between you and your psychotherapist.


From 140 Swiss Francs per session depending on length, work on file, and must be paid at least 24h before the beginning of each session through PayPal secured services. An invoice is available upon request.


Sessions must be cancelled at least 24h before the time of the appointment otherwise the session will be billed entirely and must be paid before the next scheduled session.

Professional files

The psychotherapists will keep a file of your sessions which will be kept in safety. Your psychotherapist will keep an update of your sessions, the reason for requesting them, their content, goals and the progress achieved as well as the treatment provided.


Confidentiality is an essential aspect of psychotherapy. All what you share with your psychotherapist and your file's content will be kept confidential, except : if you are personally in serious danger, or if you are a serious danger for others, if you perpetrate physical or sexual abuse on minors and if your file is requested by a court order or any other valid legal procedure which demands disclosure.